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Consulting on Condominium Regime

Commercial conglomerates, such as plazas and malls, as well as residential and office buildings require maintenance and functionality of the common areas that are owned by all co-owners; For this, Law 31 of June 18, 2010 establishes the guidelines for the constitution, operation and operation of Condo.


Being this, a non-profit entity, but with very specific objectives, we have developed the necessary expertise to support both the administrator, board of directors and co-owners so that their PH has a transparent management and meets the objective of administration, conservation, maintenance and operation in compliance with the Law and for the enjoyment and use of the benefits that the property must produce.


For this we put at your disposal a financial and legal consultancy that allows you to maintain control of common areas at all times, with effective management and have timely and reliable financial reports.


Our services include support in:

  • Accounting record of income and expenses applying the best accounting practices

  • Accounting and financial review

  • Financial and forensic audit

  • Audit of areas and specific management

  • Structuring and configuration of accounting chart for one or several buildings under the same Condo

  • Representation and support to the administration in the meetings of the Board of Directors or Assemblies

  • Consulting and legal and tax assistance

  • Training and hiring of personnel

  • Advice for the use of specialized software for administrative and accounting management

  • Protocolization and legalization of minutes of the board of directors, modifications, updates and other formal changes required by the PH in compliance with the Law.

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