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Financial Consulting

We have extensive experience in economic sectors, which allows us to provide the entrepreneur with adequate administrative support for the development of their activities, providing continuous assistance in administrative management, through our outsourcing, or dedicated services, which include comprehensive assistance in all the services you may require.


We use the necessary tools with suitable and updated professionals, always applying the best practices and techniques for quality advice, being our main objective that the employer receives the best advice and can leave the exhausting administrative aspects in our hands and thus dedicate his best efforts and energies to business generation.

Comprehensive Corporate Support



  • Accounting registration and update

  • Financial statements of companies and personal

  • Accounting and financial information reviews

  • Certifications for authorities and suppliers

  • Representation for banks or board

  • Establishment of accounting system

  • Formation and establishment of the accounting department or operational departments

  • Preparation of policies and procedures manuals

  • Description of duties and evaluation of the Headhunting staff and service

  • Evaluation of the internal control system of sensitive areas

  • In House seminars and training

  • Survey and preparation of inventories

Technological and Operational Support

Mountain Fog


Tvirtual Program

Is for you

We put at your disposal the Tvirtual Program, an ERP tool that allows you to integrate your entire operation in a single platform and to be able to manage them from any location. Stay in full control of your business with Tvirtual.






Corporate Consulting


Law 12 of May 19, 2016 establishes the Company's Reorganization Process, which offers the opportunity to overcome financial difficulties and thus be able to continue the operational and commercial operation of the company.

The use of this legal tool can help the entrepreneur to reorganize his operation through a plan in which creditors are satisfied and allows the continuity of the entity.

Our professionals can help you evaluate the economic situation of your company and find the best option, taking advantage of the benefits that this law allows.

Company Mergers

The law that regulates corporations in Panama allows the merger of two or more companies, the structured application of which offers benefits to the entrepreneur to safeguard and strengthen the financial situation and to present a more robust patrimony, as well as to improve profitability with a better administration of productive resources and human resources.

A general assessment of the situation of your company can improve your position with creditors and your financing opportunity with banks, especially in periods of crisis and economic recession.

Corporate Financing

Having quick and uncomplicated options so that the small and medium business can satisfy their flow and working capital needs; To this end, we have coordinated strategic alliances to guide you with the provider of innovative and adaptable financing tools according to your activity and economic sector to which you belong.

This offer has products that range from corporate financing, through short-term corporate credit lines, advances to workers, advance on future sales, among other products, specially designed for small and medium-sized companies.

Ask about any of these products and our professionals will contact you.

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